Updating Office Phone Systems for 2013

January 4th, 2013 egreenfield

VoIP is a reference to holding calls over a network, whether internally or on the internet. VoIP reduces phone bills because the calls travel over the IP network, rather than the phone service. Most offices, hotels, and airports have a VoIP system in place. Aside from keeping the cost down, the VoIP systems, advance standard phone operations to add new internet-based feature like:

•    Voice-mail
•    Call waiting
•    Personal Extensions
•    Toll free numbers
•    Call forwarding

Additionally, having easy to use and quality built interoffice communication systems can dramatically improve customer service. When each employee knows how to properly transfer a call or put a client on hold, it reduces the risk of offending clients with accidental hang-ups. Even if your client understands, it does not show that you are on the cutting edge of technology. If you haven’t updated your interoffice phone system in several years, it may be time to think of investing in an upgrade. Not to mention, new office supplies will boost the morale of employees, making the overall improvement worth the investment.


The quality of VoIP services have improved greatly over the years, and the hardware used for the systems are affordable enough that every level of business can have access to professional communication networks. Small business phone systems allow you to use several lines on your existing internet connection. By freeing up your lines, you are able to conduct more business and increase the number of leads your company generates. First impressions mean a lot in business, when someone calls your office and is able to use either an automated system to efficiently reach the extension they were looking for or be routed through the receptionist with little or no hindrance, the idea left in their mind about your company is highly favorable

[The information above is courtesy of the article How VoIP Phone Systems Can Boost Your Small Business]



Post by Brandy Griffin of Griffin Communication

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