Test Your Smoke Detectors Monthly!

February 25th, 2013 griffincommunication

Information & Tips For Testing Your Smoke Detectors at Home


Unfortunately, despite public service announcements, fires and burns are the third main cause of fatalities and injuries in residential homes. Almost everyone has a smoke detector in the home, but not everyone checks it routinely. You don’t want to learn that the battery is dead when your home is ablaze, putting your family in danger.


We hear the spiel time and time again, rarely ever realizing how important the words out. A dangerous house-fire will destroy a lifetime of assets and memories, in just a few short moments. If only someone invented a way to alert us of a fire before it was too late…


Oh, wait! Someone did find a solution, Francis Robbins Upton. Upton was the associate of Thomas Edison, who invented the first automated smoke alarm in 1890. The smoke detector went through a series of tests and revisions. By 1960, almost every home had a fire alarm installed.


Currently, most homes have smoke alarms, but homeowners rarely check them anymore. Please, we urge you; prevent fires from adding your family to these sad totals. Take a few moments every month to ensure that the battery is alive and your smoke detector is working.


A great routine is to change your smoke detector batteries on a regular cycle- don’t wait until they run out. Whenever you change a nearby light bulb or remote batteries- make sure you check the smoke detector as well.


Test the smoke detector itself, because even with a working battery if you have a cheap or aged smoke detector it could be faulty. Just press the test button and check for loud beeps and rings. Modern monitors will even announce the words “Fire”.


Remember, smoke detectors sometimes have limited use so don’t try tricking the detector into thinking there is a real fire. Lighting a match or candle to test can cause the detectors to fail if a real fire happens. Think of it as the smoke detector who cried wolf.


Tip for the road


Don’t be that person. Electronics that beep in annoyance usually do so to serve a purpose. If your smoke detector is chirping and beeping, and it is driving you crazy- then change the battery. Do not solely remove the battery to stop the noise. That chirping and beeping is trying to save your life.
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