Smartphone Enabled Home Security Systems

January 14th, 2013 egreenfield

Are Smartphone Security Systems Right For You?

Various news articles are going up about smartphone-enabled security systems. While the impressive future is upon us, there may or may not be some cause for concern when it comes to protecting our homes. Could your phone save your life- or could entrusting your safety in a mobile device cause impending doom? It all depends on who built the system and how much testing was done one it.


As it is in the early stages I would say, research the item before trusting it. Check out reviews, and if you see several happy customers, give it a shot. The idea of wireless security is common in gated communities or homes, but not usually in single-family homes. When you own your home and the property on it, you are responsible for such features. You may have to take the initiative to find out if this security type is right for you, but the results are worth the minimal efforts.

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If you determine that wireless security service would improve your life, stay tuned on the features of these updates on


Post by Brandy Griffin of Griffin Communication.

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