Seniors Living Alone With Emergency Medical Alert Systems

January 8th, 2013 egreenfield

Emergency medical alert systems allow seniors and disabled citizens live alone without fear. They are an affordable solution to the complicated problem. The problem most families face at least one, should a senior family member continue to live alone. Emergency alerts give the family the peace of mind they need when giving a loved one the space they need and desire. The alerts allow them to feel in control, independent, yet not alone.

However, there is still the time from when they request help to the time the response team arrives. This is never a long wait, but every second is crucial when it comes to needing help. Before relying on this system, ensure you have a plan for any situation.


  • •    Confirm that someone close by knows CPR. Taking a CPR class is not enough; ensure they are comfortable with actually performing the process. In the event your friend or relative stops breathing, CPR can keep the patient stable until help arrives.
  • •    Ask if they have someone to help with icy sidewalks & stairs. Never let someone you care about risk a broken bone due to ice, rain, or snow.
  • •    Make sure they do not have to ascend stairs to reach the bedroom, as they can increase muscle or joint pain at night time.


Post by Brandy Griffin of Griffin Communication

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