Protecting Your Home From Invasion & Annual Texas Crime Reports

January 22nd, 2013 griffincommunication


Protecting Your Home From Invasion

Many say arming yourself is the best defense, but arming your house is even better. With a residential surveillance system, enforcing the safety of your home, family, and belongings there is no need to use any additional armaments. While having a gun in the home does add protection, you should protect your home so that you never have to use it. Using weatherproof night/day surveillance cameras outside can give any homeowner additional time to assess every exterior situation while high resolution day/night cameras inside allow for viewing from any point within permitting time to contact the proper authorities; therefore, allowing your family the opportunity to feel the security so richly desired. With technological advances growing rapidly, connecting your interior and exterior residential surveillance systems to your computer or smart phone also empowers you to monitor what is happening inside or outside your home even if you are not there. Safety and security has never been any easier.


Last year, almost 900,000 property crimes were committed in the state of Texas. While some areas are marginally safer than others are, there is no specific demographic for those targeted. The camera alone is enough to deter burglars, as long as you place it in full view of passersby. Having a residential security system with outdoor and indoor features- may just save your life or your family.


“Security cameras placed in full view is one way of warding off or discouraging someone from entering your home. If the camera is being monitored, the recordings are continuously transmitted to a technician that reviews the feed and can alert police of suspicious activity. However, having a camera in plain sight will hopefully fend off the potential intruder since home security camera recordings can be used in court as evidence of crime.” [Information in the above quotes is courtesy of Click HERE for the full article.]


Annual Crime in Texas

According to

Violent – Annual Property – Annual Total – Annual
104,873 891,499 996,372
Violent – per 1,000 residents Property – per 1,000 residents Total – per 1,000 residents
4.08 34.72 38.81

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