Thinking Like a Burglar and Choosing a Security System

  Thinking Like a Burglar and Choosing a Security System   No one likes to think about burglaries and the fact that it can happen to anyone. You may be thinking it could never happen to your home. The sad truth is this; those who do not believe the possibility are typically the ones to […]

Avoid Hypercapnia with C02 and Smoke Detectors

    Who doesn’t love the surprise trip to the circus? When the time and location are appropriate, everyone loves a good stampede or circus show. Unless of course, this catastrophic circus occurs in your home- in the middle of the night.   Having quality C02 and smoke detectors is the best way to avoid […]

Updating Office Phone Systems for 2013

VoIP is a reference to holding calls over a network, whether internally or on the internet. VoIP reduces phone bills because the calls travel over the IP network, rather than the phone service. Most offices, hotels, and airports have a VoIP system in place. Aside from keeping the cost down, the VoIP systems, advance standard […]

Tips For Deterring Burglars and Break-Ins

Having a security system in your home is the ideal way to protect your sentiments, family, and assets. However, even more ideal than a system, is to deter a burglar before they even attempt to enter. A good deal of thought goes into which house to pillage, so ensure that your home is not even […]

Family Escape Plans Could Save Lives in Texas

An unexpected fire occurred every five minutes in Texas last year. This means over 100,000 fires broke out in Texas, 66% of which were in residential homes. With numbers like that, it is time to realize that it can happen and we are not immune to accidents. It’s not necessarily the fire that results in […]

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