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January 10th, 2013 egreenfield

The Now

Here is your future! Well technically, we are in the present, but the present is a futuristic world that seemed so far-fetched to us just a few years back. Many of us are embracing the hordes of technological advancements with eager eyes and arms open wide. Others have not realized it yet. The future has snuck up on us.


Future Technology Advances This Was Supposed To Be The Future Where Is My Jetpack

[Purchase This Shirt Here] sells a shirt addressing exactly this. The T-shirt expression makes an official complaint: this is the future, but where are the cliché items, those things in movies like Blade Runner? While we do have the technology to make these things, such projects will likely not commence anytime soon.


So…maybe we don’t have jetpacks or flying cars, but we do have electronic books, complex phones, tablets, and motion controlled video games. I would say we are almost there. Think about it- most of us do not realize that Marty McFly used his hover board in 2015, just two years from now.


Technology enthusiasts, engineers, and scientists are currently working on projects that will revolutionize the way we do everything. Even scissors have advanced to the point of coming with lasers for straight cutting. Some of these advancements are groundbreaking and revolutionary, while others are simply laughable.


Check out some of our new or anticipated gadgets for this technological age, and let us know what you think in the comments below!


Useful or Useless?

• Back-up Cameras in Trucks.
• Apple’s SIRI
• Smartphone Enabled Security Systems
• Flexible Paper-thin Tablets: Read the full story here.
• These USB Drives From

Future Technology Advances with USB Drives Phones and Tablets


Future Technology Advances with USB Drives Phones and Tablets

• This Shower-Belt:

Advancing Technology and Cool New Gadgets

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